entertainment lighting combining rgb and white light
entertainment lighting for theatres combining rgb and white light
white housing dmx entertainment lighting fixture rgb and white light
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Fixture range that offers both high CRI white light for general lighting applications, as well as mood creating coloured light settings. Due to its high effective lumen output, the Krypton is the perfect lighting solution for large and high venues. The fixture is completely silent in use, as it uses no fans.

High Quality white light + RGB LED light source
The Krypton uses a large COB LED module for the white light. A choice of several colour temperatures & CRI values are available. As the white light component of the units is a pure white light module, there is no risk of so called colour shifting as is often seen with fixtures that use RGBW/RGBA LED modules to create white light. The RGB modules are fitted with the latest generation of high power LED’s.

Fully integrated DMX electronics
The Krypton offers different dimming methods:
> Hybrid dimming.
> Full Analog dimming.

Camera flickering is no longer an issue with the Hybrid or Full Analog dimming setting. Soft smooth dimming to very low levels is ensured with the special Dynamic Soft Dim channel.

Modular design
As the krypton series are fully modular built, the fixture has the possibility to be upgraded to future developments, ensuring that the units can never be outdated. Due to the very effective heatsink, there is no need for active cooling ensuring that maintenance activities are kept to a minimum. Choose your own data connecting system Daisy chaining the signal is possible with a choice of:
> Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 connectors.
> XLR 3 pole.
> XLR 5 pole.
> Wireless DMX.

Multiple mounting possibilities
The Krypton can be used with the available accessories as a: Floor standing fixture or as a bracket/pendant mount fixture.

A honey comb louvre is available for the Krypton. With this available option lighting designers can create the perfect light setting in each environment.

Typical applications
The applications are numerous. Concert halls, theatres, event centers, houses of worships and other spaces where one wants to have high quality white light with the possibility of creating different moods by programming colours.

Fixture configurator


These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via info@cls-led.com if your choice is missing from the list.


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