Welcome to the world of LED lighting!

LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, is an electronic semiconductor component that emits light when an electrical current is passing through in the transmission direction. There are three different color LEDs namely red, green and blue. Therefore a full RGB color mixing is possible. Meanwhile, RGB-A, RGB-W, AWB and Tunable White variants are also available.

LED lighting offers many advantages. Below you find the most important ones:
> LED lighting is energy efficient
> LED lighting is environmentally friendly
> Longer expected life cycle
> Many possibilities
> No warm-up time
> Shock resistant

LED lighting is energy efficient
LED fixtures are much more economical than halogen or incandescent light bulbs and so they can realize a huge cost savings. A LED light bulb of for example 450 lumens requires only 4 to 5 Watts while an incandescent light bulb requires 40 Watts and an energy-saving light bulb requires 9 to 13 Watts.

LED lighting is environmentally friendly
In addition to the fact that LED lighting is more sustainable and energy efficient, no harmful substances, such as mercury and sulfur, are used in the production of LED. When producing energy-saving light bulbs, these harmful substances are still being used. As a result, energy-saving lamps are considered as chemical waste.

Longer expected life cycle
On average, CLS LED light bulbs have a life cycle of 50.000 light hours, where for an energy-saving light bulb this is only 8.000 hours and for an incandescent light bulb 1.000 hours. So you don’t have to replace your light bulbs so frequently. For large buildings and high spaces such as offices or cinemas, replacing light bulbs can be very difficult and especially expensive.

Many possibilities
LED lighting offers many application possibilities. Look under Applications and discover the existing possibilities. In addition to the many possibilities, also the quality is perfect, as long as the correct fixture has been chosen.

No warm-up time
LED lights have no warm-up time. This means that you have 100% light immediately.

Shock resistant
LED fixtures are shock resistant, compared to traditional light sources. LED lighting is more firmly built than light incandescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs and energy-saving light bulbs and therefore doesn’t break down so quickly. Take for example the REVO series. The REVO is completely housed with aluminium & frontplate. We even call this fixture vandalism proof.

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